The Harem

How far would you go to be free?

Humorous, though tinged with a sense of the tragic, at times risqué, and utterly contemporary, The Harem, is a fast-paced novel about young Asian women and their quest for freedom.

Farina has only one dream: to be free and move away from
Peckville, a Muslim ghetto in a large city. She is eager to escape the clutches of her strict parents who will not let her drink, party or have any kind of contact with males. As soon as she turns eighteen, she sets her dream in motion and gets her own apartment. The only problem is that her minimum-wage job leaves her feeling anything but liberated. How can she resist when her ambitious best friend Sabrina proposes an infallible business idea? How harmful can running as escort agency really be? Will she finally be freed by her increasing wealth and independence, or will she remain enslaved by
her increasing guilt?

–          TSAR Publications, 2012

“I decided to write a book a long time ago and my life as a Muslim, South Asian girl from the poor area of town was always the central topic. My original draft strongly criticized Muslims and women’s positions in many of their societies. However, when I started working as a receptionist for an escort agency, I changed my mind drastically. I finally saw that women aren’t exactly treated as gold (or even as equals) in Canada. I witnessed the ever-blooming and (arguably) celebrated American sex industry destroy the lives of women I called my friends. I revised my first draft to have a completely different thesis.”

–          Safia Fazlul on The Harem

The Harem can be purchased here:


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